…and the one overhead light started flickering

I feel strange.
The paint is coming off the walls.
I forgot to paint them again.
The paint is coming off.

There is no smell. Nothing.
It smells like a doctor’s office.
and that is to say,
the sense is missing.

I feel panicked.
Can no one else feel it?
Nothing feels real.
I’m plugged into something.

I’m plugged in and I can’t get out.
Wish I could turn the clock back.
My eyes … they are projecting.
Paranoia. Fake. Phony.

All their eyes are barred or blurred.
I don’t like them without their eyes.
They’re scarier than they already were.
We used to play pretend.

Hiding under blanket forts.
I’m a million miles from my parent’s basement.
Or maybe I’m floating right on top of it.
I really don’t like them without their eyes.

Burning half circles into my eyelids.
Help me.
None of you are real.
You are part of my subconscious.

Is there some silver ladder out of here?
I’ll climb every rung.
I promise I’ll never skip a step.
I promise.

What’s under the rug?
All those secrets. So close to my feet.
I can feel them running like ants.
Paranoia. Fake. Phony.

Help me! Won’t you?
I’ve heard your name spoken up in front.
Where are you now?
Where were you then?

Pressing against my temples.
Pressing like a league under the sea.
Pressing like depression.
With quintessential alien sounds.

Flying saucers hover quietly.
They don’t sound so ludicrous.
They sound kinda familiar.
I’ve decided I like the sound.

Lull me to sleep.
We used to play pretend.
Was that yesterday?
Did it ever happen?

I’m climbing up the levels now.
Somehow, they’re going down.
I climb between the sheets.
Unexpectedly, there’s a door for my head.

Everything is fake and made of plastic.
Even your voice.
I grab at the seams and tug as hard as I can.
Nothing. More plastic people.

The seas are raining.
I hate to be underneath it all.
But here I am.
Under the skies of seas raining down.

I want to yell something vulgar.
A word that will make you wince and turn away.
I can’t think of anything powerful.
Neither can you.

…and the one overhead light went out.

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