Gregory Alan Isakov – She Always Takes it Black

I am an awe of this guy. Simply left speechless by his songwriting chops. It is hard to command attention with just an acoustic guitar, but for Mr. Isakov, it comes easy. He effortlessly draws you in, makes you stop what you are doing and listen.

Jack White – Love Interruption

I love this Jack White tune. A whole lotta soul goin on in this one. I’d like to see it live and Mr. White’s guitar get real heavy with distortion and his voice real loud and strained. How do I make that happen? Should I write my congressman? Does he (or she) handle that sort of thing? Should have paid attention in Government and Politics senior year I suppose.

Lo-Fang – When We’re Fire

I know very little about this band and I’m too lazy to do a Wikipedia search and find out a little more. That is the essence of lazy. All the info at my fingertips, merely a click away, but no. In fact in the time I took to type this little blurb I could have searched Wikipedia a few times and their band page also. But I will not. I am in too deep at this point. I am committed to my ignorance. And so are you apparently because you, like me, could have searched and surfed the interwebs to find out who these people are. What makes them tick. What their mom’s name is. Where their father went to college. You know important stuff. But no, you read this instead. Pity.