Shad – old Prince

Now this video can clearly be dubbed “so 90s.” It’s more 90s than Stinky Peterson walking the dog on a duncan yo-yo whilst wearing moon boots on a trampoline with no net. So much pre Y2K make ya wanna say “Hip hop hooray” like naughty by nature back in the day.

Miley Cyrus – The Backyard Sessions – “Jolene”

This might be risky. I think there are certain people who would see that I posted Miley Cyrus on my blog and then never visit here again. For all their days. But I hope that true music fans will hear this and respect her voice and a great rendition of the classic song. I ain’t never scared to post Miley if it’s this good. Never ever. Get on my level. What? Get on my level.

Sage Francis – The Best Of Times

This song is very different from a lot of Sage’s other stuff. I think it is the most important track that he has put out and most poignant. It is so honest. From wondering if he’d live to see his first kiss to giving his future grandchildren advice, this song best exemplifies how each tiny malady in a middle school mind feels like the end of the world. A must listen for any hip-hop head.