Humans of New York


“Do you remember the greatest day you’ve ever spent together?”

“I’d say Christmas Eve in Kabul when we drank that bottle of champagne at the French restaurant, and you got drunk for the first time.”

“I was going to say the time we were in South Africa during the World Cup and we went on that safari in the park near Botswana, and we came up on an oasis and every type of animal was there at the exact same time.”

My future muse

Celestial shores
Smoke rising and falling
Drink dripping from the bottom of the glass
And you.

You perfect something.
You wonderful lonesome.
Slightly brackish slightly sweet.
If only to taste you.

Ethereal spiraling and looping
Back around to the flame
Calling my name.

Preeminence abounding
Your voice echoing, resounding
Speaking from the abandoned house
Across the street.

Then our eyes meet.
And I am ashamed.
Somehow I missed your beauty.
It won’t happen again.

I promise

How could I be so careless?
How could I run so far from you?

You did not take my breath away
You took my mind away
And spread my thoughts out on the table before me.
My eyes amazed at what they saw

They directed my hands to fit
The thought fragments together.
Forming a puzzle of you

You see,

That’s when I knew.