The Blue-Silver Being

I am a flat, graphite sketch
on a interdimensional being’s
drafting table.

I look to my right and left
and the being is shouting
at me about depth.

Depth? I ask. Like, what
in the hell is that? Then I
skip away feeling heavy.

I know the being is there,
but I can’t see it/him/her.
The being is blue-silver.

I pray to the being every
night, even though it/him/her
recently erased some of my friends.

I’m not super scared of getting
erased – mostly because, what
does that feel like, ya know?

My world is screens and planes.
The being’s world is cubes and shadows.
Maybe I wanna see stuff like that.

“Everyone gets erased at some point,”
the other 2Ds tell me. I wonder sometimes
about the thickness of this page.

If I am a drawing, is there a drawer?
Woah! Creation ideas abound in two

I am a bunch of curvy
and straight lines. The being is

Maybe I will never understand
the ways of the being. Maybe
I’m too thin to take all that in.

Propaganda – Darkie

Father, what have we done? We made black feel too black. We made pale feel too red-headed. We made the bright feel psychotic. We made the motivated feel like a disorder. We made them all feel outside of your love.

I’ve said this many times over the past year: When I look around, I see no one who is content. While I do believe this, perhaps it would be better to focus on people who are fighting for contentment. People who are trying for peace. Maybe it is not reaching complete fulfillment, but attempting everyday to get there.