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Clown Video Shoot

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Maria Keck’s Drawing of me 


In the Studio


Fish Eye

Fish eye mirror

First Show as Fulton Run

Fulton Run - First Show

Fulton Run – First Logo 


Song Cover


Set List

set list

Song Art

House Show 1

House Show 2

Inside the Blind Lemon

Blind Lemon outdoor patio

Show at the 86 Club (Cincinnati)


Show at the 86 Club (Cincinnati)


Open mic in Clifton (Cincinnati)

Clifton open mic

Spoken word poetry at Kidd Coffee in Mason, OH

Kid Coffee

Open Mic at Kidd Coffee in Hyde Park (Cincinnati)


Show at Georgetown Saloon in Connecticut

georgetown saloon

Rooftop show in Mason, OH

rooftop open mic

Featured Poet at Kidd Coffee in Hyde Park

kidd coffee open mic (feature)

Playing with some long-time guitarist

playing with old timers

Open mic at the Hideaway in Ridgefield, CT

open mic ridge

Grumpy Dave’s – Bowling Green, OH

grumpy daves service

Playing guitar in the mountains of Tennessee.

guitar in tennesee

802 E. Wooster street Bowling Green, OH

bevans room guitar