Writing Prompt: The Witch

Today, your son is born. You are elated for the future in store, but then you remember that in your teenage years, you promised a witch your first born son in exchange for a spell. You reluctantly tell your spouse only to find out that she has promised your first born to a different witch.

It came back

“It’s only minor surgery,” she said.
“I’m ppp-pretty sure we can fix it.”
Unconvinced, I shifted my eyes to
the monitor registering data.
Beep, click, scratch, hum.

I think I asked where
the cancer was located because
she used words like nebulous,
spreading and vigorous instead of
words that I had hoped for like
concentrated, small and easy.

“I thought you said it would be minor,”
I protested. Her response was long,
contained many pauses and
complicated hand gestures.

I noticed how oily her skin was as
she talked, perhaps because she
was very old, but then again, I’m no

I might have been in the office for
4 hours or 4 weeks, I cannot be
entirely sure. She sent me on my
way with a whole bunch of papers
and pamphlets that I’ll likely never

As I left, I got in my car and had a
feeling come over me. “I should tell
somebody.” But after a while,
no one came to mind.

*This poem is based off a threewordwednesday.com prompt.