Hard Ship

Race. Persevere. Endure. Overcome.
All of it on a continuous loop.
We are all part of a Great Big Story.
One I believe that God is telling.
This is it.


The lines of this world are bent

A single drop of water
hits the surface
and ripples

The single drop of water
has become

So are you.

The ripples may
become smaller
toward the banks,
but given enough water,
and no opposition,
they will never stop.

Do not be a force
that repels the
water. Instead,
be a force that
carries it on.

He is a drop of
water. We are the
many waves expanding
in concentric circles. That
is to say, we all come
from the same place.

See the horizon and
ocean meet. Realize that
they are no different from
each other. Dip your hand
into the sky and touch the