This is my own unique material, please do not use it as your own: 

Trust smells funny but you eat it anyway.
It chokes your lungs but requires no mask.
It ran up a bar tab but you lose no sleep.
Trust sits neatly in a row of opaque desks.
It idols while you run inside.
It weighs 8lbs 6oz in a stranger’s arms.
Trust may not be on time but it is never too late.
It might be surprised but it will rise to the occasion.
It can make mistakes but won’t let you down.
Trust’s hands are calloused and leathery.
Its’ eyes are narrowed yet sharp.
Its’ mouth never utters a useless word.
Trust is getting up.
It’s throwing it in drive.
It’s opening the door.
Trust is old enough to forget names.
It’s young enough to know not words.
It’s brave enough not to care for odds.
Trust allowed you to live today.
It makes it easier to remember yesterday
And will start and finish your tomorrow.

Trust simply is every moment yet we doubt good with such fervor
that we forget all the forms it takes.