Sprite Island, CT


This is one of my favorite places on earth. Sprite Island off the coast of Connecticut. The photo was taken by my good friend Dan. Without his family, I would never have gotten the opportunity to see this place year after year growing up further inland. The words peace and relaxation come to mind immediately. I’ve never had a bad day at Sprite. Thanks Ohrems!

Bowling Green is full of life in the summer – Tyler Strittmatter

The last multiple choice test has been bubbled in. The final lackluster PowerPoint presentation has been given. For seniors the last tassel has been turned. Summertime has reached the city limits.
Although a vast number of students have gone home, the city does not become a ghost town. There are numerous things to do that will keep people entertained.
The city is home to many parks that can accommodate a range of activities. Baldwin Woods hosts a nature preserve and provides a place for a hikeing. Bellard Park has a butterfly garden, and Carter Park has an 18-hole disc golf course as well as sand volleyball courts.
Senior Joy Ashton said she loves going to the parks to run or to read in the sunlight.
“The parks bring college students and the residents of BG together,” Ashton said. “It’s a way that we can do things together and create a sense of community and togetherness.”
The Slippery Elm Trail extends from North Baltimore to Bowling Green and is a place to bike for exercise or roller blade with friends.
Scott Williams graduated from the University last year and works as the webmaster for the Sentinel-Tribune. He has made use of the trail over the last four years.
“The trail appeals to many local cyclists, runners and residents who want a nice quiet walk,” Williams said. “Not only is it a great outlet for exercise, but the trail stretches across a number of towns, providing a connection for the area.”
The Farmers’ Market brings fresh vegetables, plants and baked goods downtown every Wednesday over the summer. It is a way to celebrate the area’s agricultural history and bring some of the best homegrown food back to your home.
Recent University graduate Kelsey Adams has taken advantage of the market.
“The people are super friendly and are knowledgeable about how to make different meals with the ingredients. They’re very helpful,” she said.
Fireworks will also be at the intramural fields July 4.
Senior Alesia Hill enjoys the fireworks every year.
“I love fireworks,” Hill said. “My birthday is July 3, and while the nation thinks that they are celebrating the independence of our country, they are actually celebrating my birthday.”
Al-Mar Lanes and Varsity Lanes on Main Street offer places to bowl. To perfect your swing, go to the golf course that is open to the public at Bowling Green Country Club and Forrest Creason on the University’s campus.
With the wealth of things to do in the city , there will be no watching the grass you just mowed grow or siding you just painted dry.