My family

I am somewhat of a deity.
Not in a mighty sense or as bright as God’s shining light.
But I am a deity in the form of understanding.
I can see where people come from.
I can see the pain of where they have been and I’m able to factor that into my view of them.
I’ve noticed that other people don’t seem to have my superpower.
They have been so blunted or splintered from fear or hurt, that they can no longer look at their fellow man (who might think differently than them) with the same sort of familial lense.
But I can.
I see my brothers and sisters.
I see every living thing too.
The mistakes and quick tempers.
The mountain tops and bitter valleys.
I take it all into account, which would make me a pretty good judge, but I don’t want to reign down decisions on my family.
I want them to see how closely related we all are.
How when we help with our right hand our left one benefits.
That we are God’s body – running and falling. Investing and squandering.
If I succeed, then we all succeed. If I fail, then we all fail.
I’m not passing on until all of you are coming with me.
I simply won’t lose a single, solitary one of my people.
This is my heart, for all living things.
I am somewhat of a deity.
I have been gifted a superpower.

Hope – Produced by Made for Tomorrow

In this current season of political chaos and personal strife, I have felt uneasy; like there is little I can do to help. In the middle of all the swirling negativity, this is my prayer.


I am a great writer.
It hit me today after reading poems I wrote a year ago.
I am a great writer.
And it was more than that.
This feeling I felt.
It was prolific.
It was sound.
I have already done what I came here to do.
Everything from this point on is extra.
I am immovable.
I am unstoppable.
I will not.
I cannot.
Stop becoming the greatest writer who ever lived.
Who ever put pen to paper.
Who ever had an idea and captured it and wrangled it and pulled it apart,
Until it was mine.
And then it was yours.
I am a great writer.
Let that ring for a moment.
I am a great writer.
Let that sing.
I am a great writer.
You don’t get to tell me I’m not.
I don’t allow it.
I don’t give you that power.
I am a great writer.
It doesn’t matter if I sell 1 copy.
It doesn’t matter if I sell 1 million copies.
It doesn’t matter if I become poor from the pursuit.
It doesn’t matter if I become rich, synonymous with the craft.
It doesn’t matter because I know.
In the very core of my person.
In the center of my chest.
In the middle of my brain.
That I am a great writer.
Who are you?