The Uncluded

Did you know that Aesop Rock and Kimya Dawson of Moldy Peaches (think “Anyone else but you” from Juno) are making music together? I didn’t until about a hour ago. They actually make a great combo with their off-the-wall, disjointed metaphors and Basquiatian originality. Aesop Rock has one of the coolest voices in hip-hop and you can tell it’s Kimya on a track from a mile away. Two truly unique music personas coming together. I could make a United states melting pot reference, but I shall resist. I guess I’m not surprised that they made a song solely about types of sandwiches…and that I somehow like it. Anyway, I’ll leave you with this one from the album “Hokey Fright” mostly about a laundromat.

Hozier – Cherry Wine

Two things to recommend: 1. Check out the band Hozier 2. Check out the movie that this song was in called “Wish I was Here.” I think both cause you to look inward or introspectively. The movie, is another by Zach Braff, of “Scrubs” fame. It has been called the “spiritual relative of Garden State,” so for those who loved that movie and soundtrack, it is safe to assume that “Wish I was Here” will be a hit. At the screening I went to, I noticed that only the men in the theater cried at a particular scene. I won’t give away what happens, but I found it curious that it was only males in the audience crying. I’m a male… so I’ll leave you to ponder whether your’s truly shed tears (or if they were of the crocodile variety).

wish i was