I’m a poet not a rapper

But I can rap faster than any you punk actors.
What’s the difference?
One’s a lyricist one’s a factor.
One’s got game like Vince on the raptors.
One spits fire the other spits chapters.
Getting green like the masters.
Sippin lean, math blasters.
such an childhood reference all good if you don’t get it.
All good copacetic.
With the best poetics.
Beat em’ up soundly
Thrash em
Bash em
Wallop then wax em’
I keep em countin all the stacks son.
Keep em sprintin’ like I’m Rev Run.
Keep em grinnin like the cat hun.
Fallin’ down the rabbit hole
Poppin watchmen on patrol.
Need police for our police.
Cuttin’ teeth on the street.
Summer killin cause the heat.
What’s the grim gunna reap?
I said what’s the grim gunna reap?
Per usual making moves like I’m Musual.
Stan, unplanned like parenthood.
Banned, like books very good Huxley
What’s the crux G?
Shut em up proudly.
Call me Oscar.
Unlike the grouch you won’t find me in a trash can.
My words belong over mantels with candles that illuminate my plans.
Illuminate the land.
Some say overstand?
More like we’re under manned.
But In demand.
Supply em with your hands.
Be the feet for his feats.
Be sweet to the sheets.
Say more than your tweets.
Hear me?
I said say more than your tweets.

Writin’ Raps

It takes minor reparations
And major excavations
Higher elevations
To each and every nation.

Now, Spark a conversation.
Come back from your vacation.
Speak on their sensations.
And Kill with vaccinations.

My plan … hesitation
Control the population
Learn some fuckin patients
And stare at constellations

Learn peace from the Hatians
Learn more from your complacence.
Subtract all the vagrants
And come up from the basement

Tryin to become famous
Instead we should be agents
Changing modern into ancients
Let em feel our fragrance

Listen to my cadence
My word flow is blatant
Pound my fists to the pavement
leave em stranded at the station.

Nameless, sacred, statements
Lead to
Hopeless, naked, patients.
I got no more patients for
Broken, empty conversations.

Make moves, dudes, subtle or rude
Change your blued tune, till your prude bubble mood pops with trouble crude.

Subtle again

Blue pen or black or red.
Make marks like a teacher
Teach her that worth is not a man.
Teach me that its also not a girl.

Place something in that number one spot.
Watch it rock your world.
Watch her spin and twirl.
Lady libtery calm and free
Talking bout poetry
Rap will never last
And neither will rock and roll
Put your foot to the gas
Pop the watchmen on patrol.
Pop rocks from the coal
Diamonds are forever
Let your girl steal your soul.
Let your girl steal ya world.