Just Like Everybody Else

Wait, am I just like
Everybody else?
I don’t hurt people,
Like everybody else.
Well, I hurt people a little,
Like everybody else.
But my heart’s real big, right?
Unlike everybody else.

Wait, am I just like
Everybody else?
I don’t steal, I don’t kill,
Like everybody else.
Well, I steal just a little,
Like everybody else.
But Facebook too crowded now,
Unlike everybody else.

Wait, am I just like
Everybody else?
I don’t get mad and hate,
Like everybody else.
Well, I hate just a little,
Like everybody else.
But I hate all the right ones,
Unlike everybody else.

Now I see, I’m just like
Everybody else.
I complain and I moan,
Like everybody else.
Well, maybe a bit more
Than everybody else.
But I think I’m the best,
And keep it all to myself.



I want more grace dripping from all of my pores
more women who won’t call their own mothers whores
More men who can’t be bought at any price
men who pick up their kids and put down the dice

I want more programs for the youth after school
More teachers who think that Christ is cool
More mentors to show up at the house
More people telling me what life’s all about

I want more ambition and less politicians
More God willin and less mob villains
I want more Sunday mornings that last the whole week
Less listening to the media and more to God speak

I want more grandma’s house with fam in the woods
More family dinners with boys in the hood
More homeless men showing up to my church
More people hanging on with every verse

I need to be surrounded by those who are driven
More people who realize just what God’s given
Way less anger, terror, judgment and strife
Way more people who are willing to go all night

Give me more classic cars bumping rap from the 80s
More Marshall Mathers and less Slim Shadys
And if my brothers and sisters are headed toward hades
Give me more pastors quick who make the grade please

Comment on Moving Backwards – A Tribe Called Quest

“I have been feeling like a row of cups, some of them full and some of them not. Spilled one day, filled the next, empty then overflowing. The changes have been too fast, too sudden, to follow. I am an inconsistent row of cups. I am thirsty, I am prosperous, I am doomed, I am safe, I am among friends, I am alone. Just a row of cups. When Tribe’s Jarobi and Tip arrive, with Anderson.Paak and Consequence, it is as if they are holding pitchers of water. It is free refills. Music that’s pure relief – rhyme and rhythm, beat and leap, restoration. The reminder of a kind of solidarity – kinship despite difference – or of other artists’ dexterity – an admiration for everything you can’t do, but others can. Moving backwards but making progress; this isn’t my song but I’ll borrow it.” – Sean: saidthegramophone.com