Humans of New York


“Do you remember the greatest day you’ve ever spent together?”

“I’d say Christmas Eve in Kabul when we drank that bottle of champagne at the French restaurant, and you got drunk for the first time.”

“I was going to say the time we were in South Africa during the World Cup and we went on that safari in the park near Botswana, and we came up on an oasis and every type of animal was there at the exact same time.”

Trev Lee Photography

My friend Trev Lee takes amazing photos. Breathtaking, awe-inspiring photos. You should check out his stuff through the various channels listed below. I bet you will not be disappointed. I’d go so far as to stake my reputation on it. In fact if you don’t like Trev’s photos you can hold me personally responsible and never visit my blog again out of spite. He’s just that good.

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trev Photo credit: Trev Lee