Mr. Money

Mister money!?
The all-lending-gold-stash-in-the-sky!?
Why am I here so hundred-dollar puny?
And they’re so stacked-to-the-ceiling-bundles-of-cash?

Is it cause I don’t tithe to you?
The all-lending-gold-stash-in-the-sky?
Seems to me like you got enough, feel me?
Your wealth is never ending kind –
And mine is the maybe run out tomorrow kind.

Would it be so terrible if I did inherit a small fortune? ™
Not baseball player money!
No, more like long-time plumber in a small town, money.
Name on the side of the truck, money.
Small recognition and respect, money.

Maybe I’m not the guy cause I won’t use it like you want.
Maybe other folks with short pockets and long donation lists are better.
But this – not make it past one medical bill – type money has got to go.
I’m trying to hold in all my illness.
Can’t have too many burst forth at the same time!
My mailbox would explode with bills.

I’m not too good at working, all-lending-gold-stash-in-the-sky.
I need a little help from your swimming pool coin fortune.
Your bugs bunny, cartoon money.
I have to pay my rent.
Do you want me out in the cold, all-lending-gold-stash-in-the-sky?
Kinda seems like it…

I forgive you though.
You gotta make the money go around to everybody.
But it sure seems like you’re not very even…
What do I know though.
You big time.
I’m small potatoes … and bank account (singular).


You people have more money than you know what to do with. More money than God, more than you know how to spend. And you spend your days coming up with new ways to spend it. New inventions on extending consumer culture. New products wrapped in new packages and sometimes I buy this shit and tell myself I need it. I unwrap it and sit in my room and look at it and worship it for an hour, a day, a week, a year. But then it always fades and looks like the shit it really is.

Everything is from the earth.

Everything we’ve ever made and that should be beautiful but it’s not because you ruined it with a price tag. As a writer I’m often no better when I put my name next to some words like they’re mine. They’re ours. It’s all ours.