I lost a poem
It might have been me at my best
It might have been my peak

I worried some nobody would find it
And become rich and famous
Off my words

But then I found your poem
On a shelf, in a hundred year old
Home in Ohio

And I realized it didn’t matter who
Finds my poem and the others like it –
Because it will probably be someone

The exact someone,
Who needed to hear it

Misplaced Love Poem

I found a love letter when I was helping my mom move. It is from a man to his girlfriend. I think it was right before he was going to propose.

“If you never took that flight to America. If I never moved back to Cincy after school. If you never got that job. If you didn’t go to the bar that Saturday night in November. If it wasn’t for a friend of mine’s birthday. If I had walked past you instead of asking you to dance…then we never would have met.”

If you lived in Fairfax, OH at some point and are missing a poem to your lady, I found it. I know what it’s like to lose a poem.