Hope – Produced by Made for Tomorrow

In this current season of political chaos and personal strife, I have felt uneasy; like there is little I can do to help. In the middle of all the swirling negativity, this is my prayer.



A friend of mine was praying. While he prayed, the word “marriage” came to him again and again. “But I am already married, Lord,” my friend said aloud. “What does this mean?” He continued to pray and then he heard a name come from God. He thought he must tell this person, but before he did, he prayed for two weeks to make sure he had heard correctly.

My friend came up to me in church. I had not seen him in a while.

“I’ve got something to tell you,” he said. “Something I heard from God.”

I was intrigued and admittedly a little nervous. I thought perhaps God wanted something big from me; to move to another country or become a missionary.

“God told me that you will be married,” my friend said to me.

I smiled and blinked as I stared blanky.

I have thought so many things since that moment. I’ve asked my friend if he heard the word “soon” or if another name was given. My friend smiled and said “no” to these things. This friend of mine is solid. He is a man of his word and has heard things from God before. This leads me to believe that he is not lying and that he did in fact hear something.

I am a worrier. I worry that I will die alone (it is my greatest fear). I worry that I am not stable enough for a marriage. I worry that I won’t be able to provide financial support. I worry about so many things: my lack of physical fitness, unstable mental health, struggles to start a career,  but I think I worry the most about never finding love.

So in the midst of all that worry and doubt came a promise from God:

You will be married.

I struggle with deep depression. Perhaps this is God’s way of saying “hold on.” I think he knows my greatest fear and speaks against it. “I got you, even in that dark place.”

I am glad for that knowledge. I am glad for the peace that comes from it. I am going to try and believe the promise God made to me and all the other promises he has made to all of us. I am going to try and leave worry behind and pick up hope instead. It is much lighter, I’m sure. 


Is it so wrong to hope?
I ask you again.
Is it so wrong to hope?
To be still and pray for a better tomorrow.
To be still and pray for a better today.
It is not wrong to hope.
Because in the end, hope is all we have.
Though, we cannot be still for too long.
We must act.
We must be:
The hands and feet of our city.
The hands and feet of our country.
The hands and feet of our world.
It starts with the circle of family,
and dreaming bigger,
and moving despite doubt,
and hoping beyond hope,
and seeing our neighbors succeed.
And then all of a sudden that circle of family gets larger.
The depth of love more profound.
Until what’s left is one body:
and seeing one unique vision lived out in the lives
of each individual person.
Do not place value in a wish.
Because a wish is fleeting.
Place it in hope.
That what is wanted can be had.
That dreams can be attained.
When they come and doubt you, ask them,
Is it so wrong to hope?