Dream Guitars



Lowden Guitars: Thomas Leeb model

I saw a guy playing one of these by the Ohio River in Cincinnati. He was jamming by the docks and it sounded incredible.  George Lowden hand makes his guitars in Northern Ireland. Love the walnut back and sides.  Here is a LINK for their website.


D’Angelico: 1942 Master Builder Excel Natural

A friend’s dad had one of these beauties under lock and key in his music room. He let me noodle on it for a few minutes, then it was back its temperature controlled, humidified closet. Here is D’Angelico’s website.

big hollow

Big Hollow Guitars: Double O

I love the feel of a small acoustic that has a great big sound. The body shape of all their guitars is more “pinched” at the middle creating more of a classical look.  Here is a Link to their site.


Gretsch: 1962 Chet Atkins Country Gentleman

A lot of people think Gretsch is a step down from anything Gibson. I do not agree. I think that this Country Gentleman has a great sound and feel and could tango with anything Les Paul could cook up. Link