If I set myself on fire

If I set myself on fire, would you see me then?
If you could see the flames from far away, would you come close?
Why do I have to be so dramatic and drastic to get your attention?
Why can’t you see all the clues?
Do I have to spell it out for you?
I’m dying every day and you could help so easily,
With a simple, subtle gesture, but you don’t.
There I said something, you can go back to pretending I’m not on fire.


A single solitary flame.
Dancing, swaying by itself.
Held in a glass, elevated above
a meniscus of wax, bending.

A lonely, lamenting flame.
Wanting to be a campfire.
Held by none. Fueled by
split tree stumps and gasoline.

The pines quake at the sight.
The hearth yearns for it.
A spark ignites it.
A single solitary flame.