You have your mother’s


Jade green
Mahogany brown
And glistening chrome

A band of dark and light
A rim full of brightness
Slick, sharp tongues lapping

Yeah, the night wishes
to be so dark and brooding
and have that mysterious octane

The jade blisters
into the brown
and all the chrome can do is bleed

A see-through membrane
A pool of gelatine and liquid
The glowing orb, behind, the soul sits

I’d give up all my green
And trade some black for brown
If I could just steal your shine


My eyes are polyamorous, lingering and twisting,
playing tricks on my Sunday School heart.

They feed my brain the food it wants but doesn’t need.
Empty calories for empty Saturdays.

Alone, with dark hooded thoughts; talons that rip me open until
I’m that moment before catatonic and the one right after vulnerable.

I’ve seen these moving pixels dance one hundred times before,
But today I hope they’ll glimmer and glint just for me.

I’ll draw the lights in until that fateful day
When I carve my eyes clean out of my head.