When it comes to you

When peace comes to you, hold it in.
Your mind is not always full of peace; it tends to come and go
but when it comes, hold it in.
Because if you have hold of a thing like peace,
your whole body will thank you.
Worries fade
Doubt recedes
and hope seems to grow.
If you learn anything from me it’s this: when peace comes to you, hold it in.

Let me speak of some places I’ve seen it.
On a midnight walk through a lighted city.
Above the tree line on a mountain’s peak.
Next to a sobbing patient in a mental hospital.
And even in such a simple place as my desk.

That’s what we’re longing for isn’t it?
A deep breath after a long day.
Ease. And I don’t mean a simple existence, just ease.
A weightlessness our shoulders seem to recognize.
A freedom our lungs enjoy.

So here’s to the pursuit.
And here’s to the finding.
To unashamed ease.
To life full of freedom.
So when peace come to you,
when it finds you,
hold it in.