Neither – Tyler Strittmatter

I deal with a mental illness of extremes. An illness of war and peace. I wrote this poem about the sinner and saint living in me. I am in a period now where I don’t really know what faith means anymore. I feel it is neither bad nor good. Wrong nor right. I still love this poem even where I am at now. I am proud of what I write and I always will be.

Tyler Strittmatter: Neither Jesus nor the Devil from Christine Shrum on Vimeo.

The Devil Fell Too Easy

The devil fell too easy.
We were promised a great adversary
and we got this.
I want my money back.
I want to return my He-Man action figure
because he ain’t got nobody to fight.
Where is this mighty Satan?
‘Cause I make all this sin by myself.
No serpent, no sharp tongue.
I make all this sin myself.
No battles lost, no victories won.
I’m the one who makes the sin.
And I’ve only just begun.

He is the dark from which evil draws inspiration

Became the dark, did he at last
And ransomed hope for power
While clung the mate to his mast

The crew low and wayward asked
What to make of this ghostly hour
Became the dark, did he at last

The mate cried to crew, hold fast!
And the shaky men threw fit and cower’d
While clung the mate to his mast

The ocean roared like storms of past
And rose the water to mighty tower
Became the dark, did he at last

The blue did churn as far and vast
As his sunken eyes could scour
While clung the mate to his mast

Marvel did he, at his wayward cast
While the ocean spray did mist a shower
Consumed by dark, was he at last
While clung the mate to his mast

Son of the morning

Turn sons and daughters into throw away cash.
Dry you all up quicker than your cigarette ash.
I am the raven who comes in the night.
I’m the son of the morning here to steal your light.

Oh son of the morning I will cut you down.
When you fall from grace all will hear the sound.
You who brought nations low now tremble in fear.
When ya hear my voice and know that I’m near.

Well what’s it like on top of that peak?
With all the slithering souls ya struggle to keep.
Would it be so bad if I got some that fame?
And every nation cried out my beautiful name.

I am constant no time for your tricks.
Seen your pride decay, turn well into sick.
What I made was good now deal with that.
Cause where your headed there’s no commin’ back.

On top of mount Zion’s peak.
On top of mount Zion’s peak.