I think God is so much bigger than I’ve ever heard.
Bigger than anyone’s ever said.
Than any writer has written.
Even than language itself.

I think we dwarf Him.
Put Him in boxes.
Consider Him less.

He’s much bigger than any church has ever spoken.
Than any door has ever opened.
Than any singer has ever sung.
Bigger than any ring has ever rung.

Like ladders, we try and climb to Him.
Hoping with each step up, we’ll understand Him more.
I’m askin’ what for?

This poem won’t get close.
Not a fraction’s fraction.
This poem will fail like every single other one does.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t try.
There’s always room to wonder.
Just remember, we don’t scratch the surface.
Our “perfect” penmanship to Him looks like a child
learning cursive.