Mutemath – Remain

“I’ve been confiscating every shred of hope that I can.” 

This song is transient and effortlessly beautiful. Wonderfully whimsical and simply magic. Listening to it makes me believe that I have caught something special in a glass jar. Something that I can hold onto for a short time and then release back into the world. “Just keep trying. Just keep fighting. Just keep going. Just keep surviving. Just keep walking. Just keep breathing. Just keep hoping. Just keep believing,” rings like an anthem for those down and out and moments away from the unthinkable. This song is special and I want more like it.

RHODES – breathe

I love dynamics within a song. (I can hear a few friends yelling, “we get it with the dynamics already!” ’cause I talk about them a lot) This song makes me shut my eyes and gracefully, I think anyway, float about my room. It’s easy for me to get lost and I like that. “Never give up, breathe release it all.”

Hello my old heart – The Oh Hello’s

I was listening to a Hozier station on Pandora (which is a really good station by the way) and I came across this song. It reminds me of road tripping with sleeping friends in the backseat. A kind of nostalgic I can only be when I am heading somewhere unfamiliar from somewhere I know well. Those moments really stretch me and I return a slightly different person.