Word of the Day


[v. tesuh-leyt]

to construct, pave, or inlay with a mosaic of small tiles or to fit together exactly

“Dead lovers salivate
Broken hearts tessellate tonight” – Tokyo Police Club

“Triangles are my favorite shape
Three points where two lines meet
Toe to toe, back to back, let’s go my love; it’s very late
‘Til morning comes, let’s tessellate” – Alt-J


Hello my old heart – The Oh Hello’s

I was listening to a Hozier station on Pandora (which is a really good station by the way) and I came across this song. It reminds me of road tripping with sleeping friends in the backseat. A kind of nostalgic I can only be when I am heading somewhere unfamiliar from somewhere I know well. Those moments really stretch me and I return a slightly different person.

Electric pow wow drum – A Tribe Called Red

This song made me dance around my room like a crazy person. A certifiable, straight jack worthy, lost his mind, crazy person. I hope it does the same for you. I mean the tagline for this is: Traditional Pow Wow music remixed with Dubstep. Needless to say I was intrigued. I haven’t been to a dance party at someone’s house in some time now, but I feel one coming on. And I feel this song will be the life blood.

Nihls Frahm

This feels very familiar, similar to the band Eluvium. Calm. Relaxed. Peaceful. Something to listen to while studying. Something to listen to while writing or working. It sets my mind at a baseline, allowing me to move toward creativity if I want to or move toward sleep just as easily. If I look outside, I notice more. More of how the leaves flutter and the juxtaposition of when they fall still. This music makes me more aware.

Top 10 Intellectual Rappers – listverse.com

If I were a rapper, I would want the title “Most Intelligent in the Game.” I think that would feel pretty good. I agree with the names on this list, although I’ve never listened to Kool Keith. Aesop at number one, huh? He certainly packs ’em in and uses words that few others are using. If you follow my blog at all, you know I’m going to mention Shad. I know he hasn’t been around as long as some of these other guys, but he certainly fits the bill of “intelligent.” I’ll stop before I get too fan boy on my own blog, but I hope brotha Shad won’t stop slaying tracks till he’s unanimously atop all these lists. 

Top 10 list LINK HERE

deM atlaS – All We Got

deM atlaS is on Rhymesayers now, one of my favorite music labels run by a guy who got me into underground hip-hop, dare I say got me into good hip-hop. I think this song is great and I’m glad he didn’t feel the need to rhyme in the first three lines. Usually I’m not cool with rappers using the same word at the end of the line, but it works here. “I never understood a lot. Cause I didn’t need a lot, have a lot. So I never cared a lot. Stumbled through a black hole and ended up in Camelot.” Parts of this song remind me of the group Shwayze,that Corona and lime swag, most specifically what i’ll call the “pre-hook.” Cause even in the shade and it is sunny. Somewhere over the rainbow, walking down this brick road. I stare at walls at night, hoping they do not fall down. While that section does feel light and airy the rest of the song has that Rhymesayers grit, that something grinding and real, which I am thankful for. I am excited to see what this guy has in store for us next.

The Uncluded

Did you know that Aesop Rock and Kimya Dawson of Moldy Peaches (think “Anyone else but you” from Juno) are making music together? I didn’t until about a hour ago. They actually make a great combo with their off-the-wall, disjointed metaphors and Basquiatian originality. Aesop Rock has one of the coolest voices in hip-hop and you can tell it’s Kimya on a track from a mile away. Two truly unique music personas coming together. I could make a United states melting pot reference, but I shall resist. I guess I’m not surprised that they made a song solely about types of sandwiches…and that I somehow like it. Anyway, I’ll leave you with this one from the album “Hokey Fright” mostly about a laundromat.