100 Movies every guy should see



I don’t talk about movies much on my blog anymore, though I am interested in what makes something a “guy movie” and what makes a “chick flick.” These labels give me pause because they are inherently divisive and probably more sexist than we realize. I also noticed how many of these movies star an all-white, male cast. Representation, or the lack of it, in media and movies is an extension of the culture and I’m curious what lists like this one say. Complete, well developed movies will captivate across the gender, racial, religious and cultural spectrums, but is that what we are getting as consumers? With all that said, there are some awesome movies on this list, and all I’m saying really, is I want more mind-blowing, awe-inspiring movies and less gender-marketed garbage. I also made it through this post without using the word “problematic” … damn.



Hozier – Cherry Wine

Two things to recommend: 1. Check out the band Hozier 2. Check out the movie that this song was in called “Wish I was Here.” I think both cause you to look inward or introspectively. The movie, is another by Zach Braff, of “Scrubs” fame. It has been called the “spiritual relative of Garden State,” so for those who loved that movie and soundtrack, it is safe to assume that “Wish I was Here” will be a hit. At the screening I went to, I noticed that only the men in the theater cried at a particular scene. I won’t give away what happens, but I found it curious that it was only males in the audience crying. I’m a male… so I’ll leave you to ponder whether your’s truly shed tears (or if they were of the crocodile variety).

wish i was

The Infinite Abyss – Garden State

The Garden State soundtrack is classic. It was played on loop for all four years in my high school art class. It reminds me of first period, being too tired and critiques when no one liked your painting so they talked about it last. The soundtrack wouldn’t be so killer if it didn’t have a great movie to accompany. This movie makes me a certain kind of nostalgic that no other movie can replicate. There are some sad undertones, but I leave feeling hopeful. A movie that has stayed in my top 10 since I saw it in 2004 in a hotel in Ocean City, Maryland. Enjoy!