They came rushing over a hill

Language, and the ever expanding volume of words, is a collection of venn diagrams. From one thousand feet up it looks just like a storm cloud. At the smallest scale, it seems like cells in a state of mitosis; splitting and fragmenting – all from one original idea. One day, I hope I’ll get to meet the speaker from whose lips came the great, indelible origin of it all. Now I’m not a betting man, but I’m guessing the first word sounded something … like love.

2 thoughts on “They came rushing over a hill

  1. More likely “Alive”. I have often wondered (I have often had this discussion with a friend) if the painter(s) of the Altamira cave paintings had a word for ‘art’. It’s unlikely. If we could tap the painter(s) on the shoulder(s) and ask “What are you doing?”, would their puzzlement last even more than a second before they answered “Life!”?



    1. haha I enjoy this response! A different take on the idea for sure. I guess it depends who “the speaker” is that I am referring to. “Life!” is no less magical a response than “love.” I am not sure which I like or believe more. I suppose the place this thought experiment takes my mind is enough. Cheers!


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