after all by Dena Rash Guzman

this is scatterbrain
a theory of a war-torn mind
a disturbance of experience
thus a theory of melancholia
meets its manic parent

(don’t let me spend all the money)
(don’t let me near the knives)
(don’t let me let me let me out)

this is why I quit writing
how I put my faith in garbage
where I went from advocate to patient
thus a theory of mania
meets its melancholic cousin

(don’t leave me all alone)
(don’t let me drown)
(don’t let me drown)

this is where I get off
this is the place I relearn joy
this is when! I regain balance
I hold my loved ones close
a reward after reconstruction

(don’t let me drop hope)
(don’t forget I’m in here)
(don’t let me let me let me out)
(don’t let me drown)

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