Grandma’s Recipe

Slice, cut then
winnow the excess.
Garnish and drape
over like a big top fabric.

Bake it for 25 minutes
and let sit for 5.
Serve it to the whole
family and try to not
look abashed when uncle
Roy picks it out of his
teeth and examines it
while wincing slightly.

Be blind to aunt Judy
who wags her finger
and explains you forgot
the nutmeg that your
mother always added
but see
if only for a moment,
your little boy and girl
close their eyes and savor.
You made it for them
after all.

The present company will
get into the photo book
and flip with grubby fingers at
sepia-toned pictures from
in between the great wars.
Your mother, sharply dressed,
was much thinner than you
remember her. Don’t think
for too long about your
love handles or double chin.
Besides, Fiddler would have
called it “proper.”
And when cousin Benny tells
you that, “Ya look like
picked up a few,” as he
motions to his midsection,
that’s what your Fuck You
will be … proper.

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