Brick City

This city is built of broken brick.
Brick is made of clay.
Most of the clay comes from out of town.
Me too.

Like the brick, I come from some place else.
A place I’m not so proud of.
A place that’s, well,
not like this city.

I pull my collar down to hide that it’s not blue.
But it’s not white either. What kind of collar
do people like me wear? It’s never come up
in a job interview.

Brick and mortar.
Brick and mortar.
It goes together like…

A man got shot down the street.
That never happened where I grew up.
We’re supposed to build up, but sometimes
I see the old buildings fall down.

It goes ‘something’ by brick to show
progress, but that something’s been
cracked a long time now.

This city is built of broken brick but it does not
sway in the wind like other towns.
It does a lot of good to know
what you’re made of.

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