Things that Don’t Suck: List Poem

Travel guitars
Red suitcases from the 80s
Really good speakers
Post it note scrawlings
Artwork from best friends
Lake houses
Small unclaimed islands
Rocky Coastlines
Giving a book away
Old barometers
Toes curling
Noses scrunching
Pond hockey
Family heirlooms
Cigar Shop indian carvings
Ships in a bottle
Handmade notebooks
Halloween skeletons
Secret handshakes
Accidental photographs
Homemade cookies
Terrible impressions
Record shops
Local festivals
Train whistles
Hulk hands
Lego pirate ships
Random keys
City skylines
Forgotten passageways
When the bass drops
Vintage instrument straps
Jeeps covered in bumper stickers
The ice cream truck song
Smoking candy cigarettes
Classic cars
Childhood sketchbooks
Words like solace
That only other people can tickle us
Coffee table jazz
Wells where you can’t see the bottom
Saturday movie marathons
Small town parades
4th of July fireworks
Log cabins in Tennesse
Drive in theaters
Trying to rap
Grandma’s house
Tiny ceramic Christmas villages
and sepia toned shoebox memories

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