A Conversation

Therapist: Do you want to write today?
Writer: No. Not really.
T: And why is that?
W: Well, because I’m uninteresting.
T: Do you mean that today was uninteresting or that who you are, at your very core, is?
W: I suppose, I mean today. Although, lately, I suppose I could mean both.
T: What would change your uninteresting life into an interesting one?
W: I’m not sure. I would say a challenge, but I don’t know if I want that. Challenges are difficult.
T: Yes, but they are interesting.
W: I see your point but it’s not just challenge I want. I want to succeed.
T: You want an obstacle in your life and to overcome it.
W: Yes. That’s what I want.
T: How many more things would you attempt if you knew you were going to succeed?
W: …
T: Therein lies the beauty my good man. We can never know what awaits us at the other end. We can only choose to fight the battle or remain neutral. Concern yourself less with how many victories won and more with battlefields entered.

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