The Waves of Sound


Try to describe the sound
you are hearing in words.
Imagine you are a tiny speck
following the wave’s curve as
it ascends slowly. Crescendo
with it and fall, when the
sound leaves, escaping time
signatures to build toward a rest.
Let your voice get loud when all
the instruments play
simultaneously. Be thoughtful, like
a composer, stretching his arms
out; weightless. Be as soft and
elliptical as a prevailing thought.
Be harmonious too.

Come to your own conclusions
about what it means. Isn’t it nice
to have time to contemplate things
like music? Do not forget that you
are lucky to experience the beauty.
Even when you want to gripe and
moan, remember how fortunate you
are to hear vibrations ringing
through space which then make a
home in your ears. A song is a
channel, a conduit from the center
of it all to your mind. Remember
too, why it is that we sing.
Simply because we are able.

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