Stayin’ sharp

On the subject of subjects.
Subjective Adjectives.
Word addicts diss
their untaught counterparts.
Countertops where we rest our hands.
Kitchen tables where we discuss.
“What’s this fuss about?” asks Dad concerned.
He had been reading the paper,
but now you have his full attention.
To detail. Attention K-mart shoppers!
There’s been a reduction on Nike running shoes.
Hermes sure would have something to say.
About the Air Maxes that bare his name.
He’d be a real bear to deal with,
but he’s lightning on his feet.
Better than lightning on his hands,
Jimi would understand.
Hendrix needed acid. Or did acid need Hendrix?
I always forget which way it goes.
And it goes on and on.
Can’t stop won’t stop. Ooo baby, baby.
Let my people go! Aww naw, Pharaoh talking to us.
Shad said that Rosa got told to get off of da bus.
Like Jerome. Unknown, untold riches,
for he who snitches on all his friends.
It never ends.
On the subject of predicates.

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