From Father to Son

It will come, just give it time.
I will give you something great.
Something reliable to hold on to.
Something as loyal as you are.

She will make you laugh, my son.
She will want to talk until midnight.
She will scratch your head and understand.

You will build something great; you and her.
People will stop and stare. They will ask to take part.
It will be a light (glowing), it will illuminate.

Promise me you’ll love her; make an oath.
Make a covenant and a bond. Make it last.
Defy the odds. Defy your flesh.
Love her

Give gifts. Give yourself away. Lose track of time.
Serve her, my son. Serve her when you’re tired.
Serve her when you are weak. Serve her when you want to cry,
when you want to break something over your knee.

Hold her, my son, she will hold you right back.
You are valuable. You are not your work.
Remember your identity and love out of that.
Tell your children what she means to you.

Show the world what I look like.

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