Contentment is a deep inhale and a slow exhale.
It’s baptizing a lost sister.
It’s a hike into the woods.

Contentment is sitting by a fire.
It’s friends filled with conversation.
It’ s a chorus and refrain.

Contentment is being fully and completely known.
It’s laying everything to bare.
It’s being loved despite.

Contentment is climbing to the top.
It’s overlooking a city.
It’s a river running through.

Contentment is a father’s toast at a wedding.
It‘s a groomsman’s nervous speech.
It’s the last elderly couple dancing.

Contentment is a servant’s ovation.
It’s a woman’s weathered fingers.
It’s a man’s calloused heel.

Contentment is the first flowering bud.
It’s covered in green.
It’s spring’s new life.

Contentment is love that stands an age.
Love wrought with pain.

It is also love that’s just begun.

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