I dare you

Where’s my reward, great one?
Why am I burdened so?
Imma tear my enemy’s head clean off.
Fuck it. Ya feel me?

Got pain in my veins.
Got mud in my blood.
Are you gunna cut me till I bleed?
Do you suppose I can take it?

I am your bastard son America.
I am your bastard son.
I am your long lost brother, Miss Liberty.
I am your long lost brother.

I ain’t never met someone with pain like mine.
Maybe cause I haven’t met your blessed son,
In the flesh.
Tell me, who’s next?

I run a million miles just to crawl a million more.
Uphill. In the pouring rain. Hands and knees.
Tell me somethin’, will I ever see?
Somethin’ wrong’s been going on. There’s Somethin’ wrong.

The blues are the only thing that get me.
There the only thing that understands.
The blues are the only thing I’ll ever need.
Turn a little boy, into a man.

I have been laid in chains.
Me and your son share a feeling.
Left to rot, in a cell.
Left to die in a burnin’ hell.

You say you’ll set me free?
Do it. I dare you.
See what happens when I’m finally loose.
See what happens when you feel
that slow burn.

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