The Eternal One

You are the Source.
You are the Beginning and never ending.
Steadfast like granite or asphalt.
I am saved by a rock.

You are Worthy.
You are my stronghold.
My immovable.
My unstoppable.

You are loyal to those who are loyal.
You are the tallest point and the deepest depth.

Even the night is day to you.

You know the things that haven’t happened.
You know the things that I forget.
You know my struggle. You tailor-fit my pain.

I confess I don’t think you understand.
I don’t grasp the gravity of the world’s sin.
I don’t know what that feels like,
though sometimes I claim to.

The mountains shake at your voice.
The heavens call you The Eternal One.
You hate sin. You stand for none but the righteous.
You wring out pain until all that’s left is beauty.

Make me more like You today.
I am a believer, please help me believe.

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