I am

I am spray paint on a stop sign. I am a dollar in the ditch. I am the abandoned, broken windows.
I am the light that never turns green. I am a broken emergency brake. I am no ac in the summer and no heat when it snows.
I am the cigarette ash on the lobby boy’s lapel. I am the burnt down Baptist church. I am right where it hurts.
I am the flickering florescent light tube. I am the gas station toilet key. I am you and you are me.
I am the empty bottle of whiskey. I am an empty pew. I am that missing key the organist avoids.
I am the crack in your plumbing. The ice on the steps. The broken Christmas ornament.
I am a snapped guitar string. I am off key when I sing. I am me and so are you.
I am the glass that shatters. I am the talk of the town. I am a firm “no” on issue 8.

I am faster than you think. I am faster than you can build. “Keep mixing your mortar with bones.”

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