The story of the forest


The moss wraps around the tree. My arms wrap around you. I was once a tree. Once slender and tall. Once mighty and strong.

I am therefore I am. Are you?

You were like the leaf. Red and yellow in fall hoping for the green of spring that you’ll never be again. I pluck you from a branch and you snap.

I am a tree in the story of the forest. You are a leaf in the story of the tree. You and me.

We both fall down. You from my hand and me from well, time I suppose.

Can you remember walking through the trees? Can you remember falling in the leaves?

These woods know my name. They echo and creek. I make the sound of a wolf and you hide behind me.

We laugh more in the woods. You say my name like the wind rushing through. Me and you.

I will never depart.

I will never run and hide.

I will never lose you.

What will you never?

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