I pray that one day I would be held in the hands that pulled Adam from the earth. 

I have experienced really awesome, authentic, raw prayer over the last few days. It reminded me how remarkable it is to honestly present our hearts to God. Prayer is an intimate thing. It represents our innermost longings and sufferings. I sometimes struggle with corporate, or communal prayer because too often I make stuff up and try to sound cool or eloquent. And somehow asking God to bless the fast food I am about to eat and to have it nourish my body doesn’t always seem real.

Yesterday, when I was with a small group from my church, we paused in a moment of silence before we started praying. This allowed us to open our hearts and be present before we spoke to God. It was simple, yet it positioned my heart in the right place.

We all crave authenticity and I think God does too.

It is such a crazy thing for me to comprehend: When I pray, I am speaking to the God who created the universe and He is listening. That His heart breaks for my struggle and this broken world.

I don’t always believe this when I pray, but when I truly do, it is overwhelmingly powerful.

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