deM atlaS – All We Got

deM atlaS is on Rhymesayers now, one of my favorite music labels run by a guy who got me into underground hip-hop, dare I say got me into good hip-hop. I think this song is great and I’m glad he didn’t feel the need to rhyme in the first three lines. Usually I’m not cool with rappers using the same word at the end of the line, but it works here. “I never understood a lot. Cause I didn’t need a lot, have a lot. So I never cared a lot. Stumbled through a black hole and ended up in Camelot.” Parts of this song remind me of the group Shwayze,that Corona and lime swag, most specifically what i’ll call the “pre-hook.” Cause even in the shade and it is sunny. Somewhere over the rainbow, walking down this brick road. I stare at walls at night, hoping they do not fall down. While that section does feel light and airy the rest of the song has that Rhymesayers grit, that something grinding and real, which I am thankful for. I am excited to see what this guy has in store for us next.

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