Said the Gramophone

Have you checked out It is a great music blog. A strictly music blog. They have done a list of 100 best songs since 2005 and it is worth flipping through. It’ll be like diggin’ in the crates at a record shop that’s been running since the 70s. Said the Gramophone is one of the oldest music blogs around. They like to post good music and talk about it. It’s that simple.

Check out the list for 2013 HERE.


They did include Katy Perry’s roar on the list. Don’t hold that against this site until you read what they wrote in regards to it:

“All right – I waffled for weeks about whether to include “Roar” on this list. Not because it doesn’t deserve to be. Not because it’s mainstream pop – as evidenced elsewhere, I have no problem celebrating bubblegum. But there is a certain politics here. Somehow, listing “Roar” feels like conceding defeat. Conceding defeat to corporate masters, commercial interests, the military-industrial machine that fueled millions of dollars into a laboratory-honed hit. The same issues are in play with Drake, Miley Cyrus, Daft Punk, Beyoncé or even Phoenix, but “Roar”, in particular, feels like a culmination, a quintessence, of our gamed means of musical production. “Roar”‘s undeniable steamroller of hook seems almost pharmaceutical in its attention to detail – ingredients that have been tested, double-blind, lyrics borrowed from other successful (and triple-patented) products, polished and packaged and then beamed directly into my ears, in a thousand shops and shopping-malls and children’s parties. Katy Perry is a real person but this catchy masterpiece is as soulless and bullshit as Walmart’s Boxing Day flyer, as a commercial for Old Spice or Dove, as the score in a play-off game by my beloved Habs. Beware.” – said the gramophone

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