Wes Anderson Movies Ranked


darjeeling  1. The Darjeeling Limited

rushmore  2. Rushmore

royal  3. The Royal Tenenbaums

aqua  4. The Life Aquatic

grand  5.  The Grand Budapest Hotel

fox fan  6.   The Fantastic Mr. Fox

moonrise  7.  Moonrise Kingdom

rocket  8.  Bottle Rocket

“Let’s start with the most noticeable identifying aspect of Anderson’s work: his chops behind the camera. Maybe more than anything else, it’s the look of Anderson’s films that immediately give them away as his; it’s unlikely you’ll ever watch Rushmore, orFantastic Mr. Fox, or The Darjeeling Limited and wonder who made it.” – Screen Rant.com

I love Wes Anderson’s style and writing. His movies are just so different from anything else I have seen. His technical precision is what really sets him apart. I have not seen The Squid and the Whale or She’s Funny that Way (two films that Wes produced but did not direct), but this is my list as of right now. I just bought the screenplay for Grand Budapest, and so far, I love it. His characters are so well defined; the dialogue is always witty. Not a hair seems out of place in any of his shots. I have often said I would like to take a trip into Anderson’s mind, but as a friend pointed out, it might be terribly OCD in there. That’s a chance I’m willing to take.

Darjeeling at #1 because it was the first Anderson movie I saw. I was quickly hooked. Rushmore at #2 because of the Jason Schwartzman/Bill Murray dynamic. A high schooler and a middle-aged man falling for the same girl; it’s just classic. Also the play at the end of the movie is awesome.  “You’ll find a pair of safety glasses and some earplugs under your seats. Please feel free to use them.” – Max Fischer. Royal Tenenbaums at #3 simply for that scene of a suicidal Luke Wilson and the song “Needle in the Hay.” Gives me chills even thinking about it. Life Aquatic at #4 because of Bill Murray’s crazy-eyes and the cutaway shot of the ship. Grand Budapest at #5. Just saw this recently.  Ralph Fiennes is brilliant in this movie. Such a well defined character. All his quirks and traits are fleshed out. Even at #5 on this list, it is still in my top 50 movies all-time. #6 Fantastic Mr. Fox. The soundtrack with Burl Ives is what does it for me. MoonRise Kingdom at #7. Loved the adventure. Thought Bruce Willis and Ed Norton did a fantastic job. “Jiminy cricket, he flew the coop!” Finally Bottle Rocket at #8. The only one on the list I really did not enjoy. Maybe because Wes did not produce it.

So there you have it. Ranking my favorite director’s work: complete. Feel free to disagree (as I’m sure you will).

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