It is interesting what the two bills about to be set before congress are proposing in an attempt to “end piracy.” Multiple websites are raising awareness in a variety of ways.

Google changed their start up  screen to this:Tell Congress: Please don't censor the web!

When you click on the image you get info about the two bills and reasons why one should oppose it. CLICK HERE: for their info.

Wikipedia is  also “blacking out” their website for 24 hours. When you try to access their free info, the screen below pops up.

I do not know a ton about the issue but all the insight I could get online seems one-sided. I am not saying I am pro-SOPA or PIPA, but I suggest you look at both sides before you make an informed conclusion. The bills do seem to be overbroad in my opinion.

WordPress is also taking a stance on the issue on their main page.


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