What to do: stack that paper or help a brotha out

Is it so bad that I want to do something meaningful? I know it sounds like a stupid question, but with all these people settling every day for mediocre jobs and lives I am beginning to wonder if I am the odd ball, the crazy one. I want to be doing something every day that has value to it. Something I can feel good about.

I want to work for, or own, a company that is directly helping people. I want to know with everything in me that there is good coming from my work. I want to see the people that I am helping and I want to talk to them, eat with them, share life with them. I know people want to and need to make money but at what cost? (you see what I did there) If you are raking in piles of dough everyday but are doing nothing to help people or you never see your kids or spouse, then is that worth it? I say so what if little Johnny doesn’t get that new mac computer this year or little Susie has to work a part time job in high school because you had to take a lesser paying job to actually help people. They will probably learn more anyway from this “struggle” (I put it in quotes because this really is a first world definition of struggle). Kids will be worse off if they have everything handed to them for years and years and then one day it stops.

If I cannot look myself in the eyes at the end of the day and say, “Tyler, you really did help people today,” then tomorrow will be meant for finding a path that I can say those words. To me settling for anything less than honestly helping people all the time, is settling for a meaningless life. So to all you rich business people doing no good and just stacking up cash and cars and yachts and the like I say this, “when you die, what you own on earth won’t be coming with you.” So lose the stuff, give it all away and help somebody.

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