What is your greatest fear? Is it looking like an idiot? Are you afraid what you think is meaningless to everyone around you? Is it taking a chance to love someone? I understand because people are the most unreliable things I know of. We say what we do not mean and do things that go against everything that we stand for almost daily. People are so worried about how they are viewed that they forget to create. I say create like the spray of a shotgun, holding on to the few that hit the mark. This life is so temporary; it is like a vapor which can be easily forgotten amidst the magnitude of existence. Fear nothing of this world because of how minute it is comparatively. Love people, your passions and life with such fervor because it will be gone before you wake. If while looking at your life you notice that your hope is in the stuff of this world then question why? Could there be something greater for me? And never stop until that question is answered for you. Because everything else is settling and I know both you and I have no time for that.

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