Get some friends

Let me gloat for a moment: I am so blessed with awesome friends! I have amazing friends at school and at home and this makes it difficult to leave one place because I do not want to stop hanging out with one set of cool people but easy at the same time because I know another set of equally cool people awaits me on the other end.

I can honestly say I do not know where I would be without these people in my life. Probably in some corner, rocking back in worth all sad and stuff. Ok maybe that is extreme and paints a weird picture of Emo me thinking ominous thoughts, but at the same time I cannot imagine life without them.

I have said this before but I’ll say it once more because repetition is not always a bad thing, in fact it really helps me to remember:  I want to thank God for the friends he has put in my life. They are such amazing people who fill me up with joy every time I am with them. I want to remember right now when things get tough. I want to remember right now when these people move away and I do not see them as often. I want to remember right now when I say things like “Why does this have to happen to me?”

Friendship is a gift from God. Plain and simple. If you don’t have awesome friends then you need to get some (sorry if that is harsh but I must be blunt). Think of it like a job at first. You have to put yourself out there and hang out with a bunch of different people and basically hold interviews to figure out what kind of person is worthy of your time because it is valuable. Then spend a ton of time with the ones that make the cut and soon it will feel organic, seamless and then it will only get better exponentially from there. Do not stop until you have found the people that get you, I mean all of you, every part from that stupid human body trick to your obsessive love of awkward dancing to techno music (that one’s too specific so you know that’s what I’m about). Have awesome friends because if you do not, trust me, you are missing something incredible.

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