We are all lazy, all of us. Well let’s start this way first. I am lazy. And I do not just mean physically, although as Shad says, “I’m fit but no 6 pack cause I won’t do sit ups or give up Big Macs.” I’ll admit I need to work on my push-up grind but that is not what I am talking about really when I say I am lazy.

Maybe comfortable is a better word. I like to stay in my comfort zone, with my close friends and stay in this little bubble and not try anything too risky. But that is a load of crap! We need risk so bad. We need to jump blindfolded into things and see what happens and trust, I say in God (for you it may be different), that we will be alright. Because if we do nothing risky then we are not really living; we are coasting instead. Floating by hoping nothing too bad happens to us.

People are always telling me to follow the norm. To go to college, get a job, get married and have kids, live in this size house with this many cars in the drive and not shake anything up too much. I am done with that.

I want to write the most amazing books, I want to make the most amazing music, I want to hang out with the most amazing people, I want to tag graffiti on a billboard, I want to skydive, I want live in Africa, I want to give everything I have away and see what it is like to have nothing but at the same time have so much more than anyone I know.

This is my rant for the day and I am speaking to myself as much as anyone else; stop bein’ LAZY! Pursue what your heart aches for at night every moment you are awake and dream about it at night and make it happen and if after a year or ten or 50 it doesn’t, then go for #2 on the list and run hard for that.

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